C/O Tom Ramiccio - Vice President
1717 North L Street
Lake Worth, FL 33460-6628
PHONE: (561) 386-7812

Meeting Time/Place

The Society meets on the third Thursday of each month. Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. and are held at the Mounts Botanical Garden at Military N/O Southern Blvd. Mounts Botanical Garden, 531 North Military Trail, W Palm Beach FL 33415

Meeting is in the building in front next to the parking lot. (Do not go through the entrance gate.) The auditorium is located in front of Mounts facing Military Trail!!


The club will have a huge selection of bromeliads for sale at the Mounts Fall Sale November 2 & 3. This is a big fund raiser for the club so please help out and stop by and get a few plants.


Nick Bethmann - President
Tom Ramiccio - Vice President
Lyn Davis - Treasurer
Lynn Thompson - Secretary


Elizabeth Beckett - Director (3nd year)
Lee Magnuson - Director (2nd year)
Kathleen Hendrick - Director (1st year)

The Committee Chairs

Kathleen Hendrick- Refreshments Chairman
Nick Bethmann- Editor
Tammy Marks- Web Master
Kathy Silverio- Membership Chairman
Kathy Silverio- Publicist
Tom Ramiccio- Past President
Open- Event Chairman
Tom Ramiccio- Sales Coordinator

For all issues regarding speakers including suggestions for speakers, please contact the vice president, Tom Ramiccio.

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We ask members to bring in a snack or other refreshments on the month of their birthday. Please coordinate what you'll bring to the meetings with the Refreshments Chairman.

Roster & Bylaws

If you are missing your roster or By Laws please ask the Membership Chairman or any of the officers for your hard copies. We are not providing electronic copies of the roster to ensure the privacy of our members. You can get a soft copy of our Bylaws here. By Laws


Please print the application and bring it to the meeting or mail to the membership chairman. Directions are found on the application.

Show & Tell

Have an interesting plant that's blooming or doing something odd or you just don't know what's going on with it? Bring it in and show the members your plants. Someone should have an answer to your questions. If you just want some bragging rights to an excellently cultivated specimen, by all means bring it in for Show and Tell.

On Facebook

We have a strong group on Facebook. You are welcome to join the discussion and see more of what we do.

Email inquiries to Tammy Marks e-Editor