The following books are available from our library. Please talk to Lee to check out the books, and don't forget to return them in a timely manner for others to use. Last Updated, 1 October 2018




A Bromeliad Glossary The Bromeliad Society, Inc. Ancient
Blooming Bromeliads Ulrich Baensch, Ph.D. On loan from K. Marks, not available for loan. Only the librarian can enjoy this book.
  Brazil, Orchid of the Tropics Mulford Foster & Racine Foster (1946) On loan from K. Marks. Old but worth reading. MISSING!
Bromeliaceae III Francisco Oliva-Esteve 564 color photos, 18 color/b&w line drawings, 274 pages. 9-3/4” x 13”, hardbound
Mountain Plants of Venezuela Francisco Oliva-Esteve 2006, Many color photos, 336 pages. 9-3/4” x 13”, hardbound
  Bromeliaceae of Brazil Lyman B. Smith Paperback
Bromeliaceae of Colombia Lyman B. Smith 2 copies, Paperback
Bromeliaceae of Venezuela Francisco Oliva-Esteva & Julian A. Steyermark On loan from K. Marks, MISSING!
A Horticulturist's Guide
Jack Kramer
  Bromeliads 1963, Victoria Padilla
  Bromeliads in Cultivation
Volume 1
Robert Gardner Wilson & Catherine Wilson
Bromeliads in the Brazilian Wilderness Elton M. C. Leme & Luiz Claudio Marigo On loan from K. Marks, MISSING!
A cultural handbook 1974
The Bromeliad Society, Inc.
A cultural handbook 1977
The Bromeliad Society, Inc.
FL Native Native Bromeliads of Florida Luther and Benzing, Pineapple Press, Inc. (2009) 126 pp, 38 color plates.
New Tillandsia Handbook Hideo Shimizu & Hiroyuki Takizawa (1998) Japanese/English 10 x 7; 133 pp, 380 photographs
Fragments of the Atlantic Forest of Northeast Brazil Elton M. C. Leme, Jose Alves Siquiera Filho (2007)
Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest
Elton M. C. Leme (1998) 140 pages, 100 color plates, 30 black and white and over 20 illustrations
Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest
Elton M. C. Leme (2000) 264 pp. Photos (232 color, 48 b/w), hardbound
Searching For Miss Fortuna Chester Skotak (2007) Novel
Bromeliads Francisco Oliva-Esteva (2000) 460 pages, 10-½" x 14", hardbound
Bromelads Walter Richter (1977) 92 pages
  The Beauty of Bromeliads Tony Lea (1984) 34 Pages
Tillandsia I Antonin a Ondrej
5.5 x 8in, soft cover, 145 pages, 80 color plates
Les Tillandsia
et les Racinaea
Roguenat, A (2001) 816 pages, 700 illustrations
for the Contemporary Garden
Andrew Steens (2003) 198 pages, 290 color photos 8.5 x 10.25in hardcover.
The connoisseur's guide
Andrew Steens (2007) 400 pages, 325 color photos in paperback, MISSING!